Olden Lane

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We Believe in the Credit Union Movement

Founded in 2015, Olden Lane Advisors, LLC is a small group, committed to credit unions and their mission. Our team of experienced financial professionals assists credit unions by providing investment banking and consultative advice in respect of investments, funding, hedging, and supplemental capital. We believe in building strong personal and professional relationships with the credit unions we serve. This is reflected in the quality of our outcomes.
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We are grounded in a culture of creativity, operational excellence, and dedication to our credit union clients. We work diligently to understand each client’s unique circumstances and offer individualized service. We can devise customized solutions across a range of funding, investment and capital needs utilizing a wide range of capital markets expertise.

We are dedicated to the credit union industry. We are focused on filling gaps in capital market services where credit unions are being underserved. We also seek market opportunities where credit unions stand to benefit from high-touch service of expert technicians as opposed to generic, commoditized services. These opportunities typically involve areas where certain market frictions have discouraged credit unions from fully embracing the capital market tools available to them.

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