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We can help your members and your Bottom Line

We provide cutting edge financial services to credit unions and tailor our offerings to address each client’s particular needs. The diverse experience of our team allows us to offer holistic services.

We assist with the entire process, from the planning to the application preparation and the raising of the debt itself. The capital we source can facilitate a credit union’s organic or in-organic growth efforts, all while maintaining a high bar of service to members.

In the face of falling loan rates and increased competition from Fintech, we can help credit unions put their money to work by optimizing investment portfolios that help your credit union see returns.

We can help advise your credit union on hedging solutions to reduce the risk to your bottom line in the event of adverse economic conditions. This includes designing a hedging portfolio that fits your needs as well as education you on how the hedge protects your interests.

It is critical for credit unions to avail themselves of reliable liquidity sources. Olden Lane assists credit unions with identifying and accessing the optimal mix of liquidity to serve their members.

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