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Hedging Advisory

Hedging Advisory Services

Olden Lane’s industry-leading work in arranging credit union  subordinated debt and its related strategic dialogue with credit union leaders positions the firm to provide insight and thought leadership to these markets.

Our team brings decades of experience in derivatives, markets, and corporate finance to assist credit unions with hedging strategies and related derivative instruments including:

  • Interest Rate Futures and related exchange traded options
  • Over the Counter derivative instruments such as interest rate swaps, swaptions, caps, and floors
  • TBAs
  • Other bespoke solutions

Olden Lane’s services can include all or portions of the following:

  • Development of best-in-class derivative and hedging policies and procedures
  • Educational materials and training for executives and board members
  • Evaluation of hedging strategies, including economic impact, accounting treatment and liquidity effects.
  • Negotiation of legal documents
  • Valuation Services and transaction/collateral management/monitoring
  • Monthly Management and Quarterly Board reports

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